Top 10 Romantic cities in The Planet

Our creative team have visited one by one the cities most romantic on the planet. We picked up our suitcases and leave TWG’s offices to discover the world, looking for the most beautiful, romantic and incredible people in the whole planet.

We are very romantics, and we love to travel, I’m sure you also like this combination, for this reason, this article have been writing for people like you. Are you planning your summer trip, and You don’t know which destination to choose? We make it easy. You travel alone, with your couple or with friends, these cities are not going to leave unnoticed. They are beautiful! Do you still doubt about where to go this year?

If your romantic life is in low percent, and you want to fix it with adrenaline. What are you waiting? Go, go, go. We bring you the top 10 romantic cities in the world.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Oh, Brazil” “Oh, Brazilians,” – Are the expressions most frequently listened when you say to your friends that you’re going to Brazil, one of the countries where people have more relationships in the World. Amazing beaches, those incredible weather, and Brazilians fashion. We are crazy of those scandal bodies, with well-tanned skin, and that accent is so sweet. Travel to Rio de Janeiro alone or with some friend, but travel to enjoy their carpiriñas, sunsets, or their evening parties. Recommend to visit the beach of Ipanema where are the models most beautiful on the national and international scene. As you already know, just need to get fit, take your favorite bikini and catch a flight to Rio de Janeiro.

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