Top 10 Coldest Countries in The World

Winter arrives, and with it comes the cold, the scarves, the hats, our gloves. We only have a few hours of sun, and comes long hours drinking coffee and tea in your home or at friend’s house. According to a study, 75% of the people do not know what to do in the winter.

Winter is the time of year when the snow covers every part of the landscape of your city. White and fluffy you see across the horizon. Where we see the high mountains, with bright color, where the sun reflects on the ice. When we see that image means that appear the cold. Winter appears suddenly, and there you find yourself, without knowing what to do in your winter holidays. But, do you Know that, despite the extreme temperatures and the few hours of daylight, there are countries that become the most beautiful in the world when it reaches this stage in the year most nostalgic?

Do you dare to travel to the coldest countries in the world? Do you dare to travel and enjoy the scenery more unforgettable that you’ll see in your life? Do you dare to enjoy the winter weather in a different way than all of your friends does?

Continue reading and take note:  Top 10 coldest countries in the World, with breathtaking views!!


1. Antarctica

If you want to enjoy the cold more extreme that exists up to the moment, without a doubt, choose an exploration of Antarctica.
Antarctica is one remote place far away from civilization. In the Antarctic have come to -90! And as you can see it is normal that no one lives there. The life there is unsustainable in the land of endless winter.
Antarctica welcome curious travelers from all countries.
Do you want to feel real cold? There are cruises to Antarctica, and various excursions are memorable. Getting there is not easy, but it certainly will be unique.

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