The 10 Least Visited Countries in The World

Do you want to know the countries most hidden from the world and the least visited?
When you say “least visited” many of you are thinking in the country “more dangerous” and less rich, or countries with a strong dictatorship with big conflict. TWG we can assure that none of these countries are in a war.

Some of them are in a dictatorship and have big difficulties to enter the country.
Within this top 10 countries, you will find paradisiacal islands, some large castles fortresses, wonderful people with unconditional love for nature.

I know many of you right now should be thinking, “it is impossible to enter the country” and “country beauty is only for their inhabitants” but you are wrong again. Here, in The Woman Galaxy we’re going to explain why these countries need to be visited, and you can always be more exotic between your friends if none of them have visited that country so hidden. You will be the first one, and you know, be the first is always cool!


Are you ready? Here, The 10 least visited countries in the World!

1. North Korea

North Korea is one of the countries most famous throughout Asia for being an imminent conflict against The United States. It’s the most difficult country to enter in the world. If you want to enter to North Korea, you must apply for a visa, and wait very long at least few months. Your visa can be denied before you go to North Korean embassy with the simple fact that the North Koreans don’t like visits. If your visa is accepted, you have the permission to enter inside North Korea.
You should be accompanied during 24 hours with guide and supervisor. Also, while you stay in your hotel, you will be controlled with the camera. They control each one of our movements. If you break rules, they can send you in next flight to your country or stay in the jail.
Oh, and if you want to go out to the outskirts of the capital, also you have to ask permission from the government, and under no circumstances speak to any North Korean.
What? Do you dare?

[Photography Source by BabelTravel with CC]