How to Find the Cheapest Flight Possible

Do you plan to travel soon? Yes, flights are always very expensive, for this reason, we are here to help you! All travelers tricks to find the cheapest flight in all airlines.

We have 8 secrets! Do you want to discover them?

1. High season or low season?

Don’t travel in high season, is our basic advice. Many of you take vacations in the summer and during Christmas. Is not very easy change the dates of you holidays but as you all know it is costly to travel to Europe in the high season of Christmas. Many expats live abroad and go back to home for Christmas and all this people pay high tickets prices, but if you can avoid it would be great. The same happens in summer. From June to September is high season. Flights to the mediterranean sea and flights to the Caribbean are always very expensive. So have it in mind when choosing a destination.

You have to buy the flight months in advance or try to travel after September, for example. In Europe, the weather is good in October. In Asia, the weather is still beautiful. Do not be afraid to look for cheap flights in September, October, February, March, April and you’ll find prices much less than half that you find in the summer, and many fewer tourists.

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