8 Expert Tricks to Save Money During Your Travel

Holiday are the time more expected. From children to elders. When holidays comes, arrives the smiles, you feel relaxed with sunny days, but also the days where you spend a lot of money. Unnecessary money, very expensive flights, expensive hotels and much more!
In TWG, we know how expensive it is to travel, and that’s why we have prepared the key tips used by veterans travelers. I’m sure you have a friend, or family member who travels every year to a different country, or even goes on a trip twice a year to far away countries. And you wonder where she gets the money for this? Well, you do not need to be rich to travel, you need to know how to travel. Knowing how to travel is the key to everything, and here, in The Woman Galaxy we want to tell you all the keys.

Ready? The flights departs in 3, 2, 1….

How to save on accommodation

1 . Don’t give up to expensive cities

Oh, La La! We know that cities such as Paris, New York, California, Sydney are expensive. They are the destinations quite expensive, you need a high budget but, why give up? We know that there are beautiful hotels, super-expensive, and most exclusive, but there are also shelters, hostels, and instead of frequenting the best restaurants, you can go to local coffee places. They are perfect in quality-price, and also discover food – street, and other bars that fit your pocket. But never to give up the expensive sites, there are 1001 choices.