How to Survive to Tinder: 12 Real Situations

Where are your dates? Where are the hand-write letters sent by lovers? Where are the guys on horses, with long blond hair, blue eyes, coming down from the horse to give you a hand, smile to you and send you an air kiss? (Well, okay, maybe those guys still exist, but instead of going on horseback, going in a dirty car or on a bike?

Where are the guys interested deeply in you? This one who invite you to the cinema, and insists, invite you to romantic dinner. Propose you go to drink tea and cafe after your work, in your leisure time, and strive to get a couple of hours of your life to be with them? And Where are that type of guys that go crazy every time you look them, and they will give you roses at each appointment?

Come on girl, wake up! That type of guys doesn’t exist more than a decade ago. Now, this kind of guys become tinder guys.
Yes, have suffered a millennial transformation, a transformation that women have not been able to avoid because we have also experienced this change.

Nowadays, relationships start with a glance on the bus, an exchange of number phone. The Celestina of the relationship is Whatsapp. Also, the relations can start with a boozy night, on a Friday afternoon with colleagues from work, university or your old friends. Begins, over a beer, a shot glass of more, you become super drunk, and you end up with someone. You’re missed, but you’ve already fallen to the temptation of love. And so you can start your relationship that can last a few months, few years or all your life.

But well, in that case, good luck, if you have a couple, you had or expect to have. Is It time to drive you crazy and use tinder? Tinder is an application very useful to know different people, and “discover” in all the senses. Do you understand me, right?

If you are beginning to use this application, or you already are using it, you’ll know the situations that can happen, right?
Here, We tell you real situations and effective responses to can hep you in some first dates with tinder people. Are you one of them?

Here we start:

1. Oh, my god, this guy look so cool. He likes me, right? He is super handsome!! He likes me, He likes me, He likes me. Match!

Many of us become crazy when a guy who seems unattainable put “like”. “Aaaaaahhhhh”. Well, you can shout and get crazy when that guy is interested in meeting you, but wait: Here is how works:

This guy can 40% a good guy and 60% an absolute bad guy.
Within 40% -60% this has the potential to be a guy that is looking for a simple meeting with a beautiful girl. 80% He is not interested in know you as a person, only interested in discovering other parts of you, but that also depends on you. What do you want?

Don’t let anyone manipulate you!