Advantages to Fall in Love with a Foreigner (How my Life Changed)

Very often I ask to myself: Why? Why? Here, I will explain why.

“Go out from your country and you will find your real love”


During all my childhood, I spent my summer holidays around beautiful places. We always traveled to the same place, an area of north Spain, South France and this small and amazing country called Andorra.

From an early age, my mother was always joking- “Look this handsome guy” Showing me with her finger some children who had been in the restaurant.
I always said “Come one, Mom” “This guy is not so handsome.” I pointed with my finger painted with pink nails that child with white skin, with socks and sandals, with a ridiculous hat that was in the corner of the restaurant with their parents. Those children who had not the way to understand them because they are from another country, and they speak other language but at the same time I felt a connection with them. Maybe it was my destiny. And that is what I think today.

At 12 years old, I wrote in my diary what I wanted to do with my life. I wrote everything, the country where I want live, the nationality of my husband, even the language that my children will speak. Just completely crazy, a small girl as I was writing all this! Wow… I found my diary, and I have to say that I see a great resemblance.