15 Most Attractive Things Men Do That Completely Steal Your Heart

We live in the world where social conventions are increasingly changing and where even the smallest detail on the part of a man can be misinterpreted as a gesture of macho.
Let’s consider the case when the guy open very polite the door to let us go; what girls think about it? “The only thing you want is to look at my ass”. Despite all of this, and that all are in favour of a claim to the independence and freedom of women, there are still a number male habits that we are still going crazy.

1. When he is clear about what he wants and fights for it

When that guy loves everything he does. He fights in Both fields, at work, in his personal life. That is to say, he takes decisions, works hard and he doesn’t walk with nonsense. And he knows to deal with the consequences of their actions.

2. When he takes the eye contact

He can look at you into your eyes for a long time without being aware of what is happening around him as if there were nothing more in the world that surrounds.
It is an intense look, so you have to be careful not to confuse it with the look of “I only want to f*** with you tonight”. Keep the eye contact with him, but be a quiet babe!

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