10 Promises Every Man Should Make to His Future Wife

Can you imagine a love contract? Do you imagine if every man have to sign one agreement before start a relationship with you?

Can you imagine? No more suffering, no more crying Saturday night when he prefer partying with his friends to spend the evening watching horror movies with you. Can you imagine the perfect guy?

Girls, we should tell you that the perfect guy exists! There is a revolution of sentimental guys. They promise you the whole universe in your hands in your first appointment.

The creator of this idea was Marcos Kinller, one Australian who propose change the way to love his girlfriend. He wanted to be in advantage and show his love to everyone and forever in one simple agreement.



Hello my lover, my name is ___________ , I was born in ___________, year______, month_______, day_____. I promise show to you the whole world and spend an eternity with you.

In this agreement, I’m going to outline the ten commandments. Once you destroy my promises, this contract becomes obsolete, and you’ll be able to expel me from your life.

1. _____________ promises to continue seducing you day-to-day, it doesn’t matter if we are together one month, five years, or twenty years. I swear, seduce you and make you mine as if it were the first day of our relationship. I pledge to continue doing everything to keep getting your heart.

2. ____________ promises to ____________: try to spend the best days of my life with you. Promise that every day will be different, and that does not fall into the routine. We will travel to amazing, and I will make you the happiest woman in the world.

3. ____________ promises fights for you, I will fight for you every day as if it were the last. I promise to fight for us, for our relationship, and our future children. I promise that you will be the only woman in my life.

4. ____________ promises to brag about you, I promise to brag about my girl. I’ll introduce you to my friends, coworkers and especially family. You will be the only one, my family have to know how important you are to me. I will take care of you as if you are part of me.

5.____________ promises to call you when you say “call me”. I promise I’ll do my best you never to get angry with me. I’ll do my best to be your prince, I will wake up you with a kiss every morning. I promise you I will never get mad with you because I can not live without you.

6. ___________ promises not to ask about your past, will never ask for your past, because that does not matter to me. I only care about you, our present and our future.

7. ___________ promises to adore your friends, I promise to adore each of your relatives. I promise never to complain about your family and especially your mother. I promise every time you will argue with your friends, I will support you. I know they were much before than me, and I know how important they in your life. I will advise you if any of them hurts you because I can not allow anyone hurts my princess.

8. ___________ promises to work hard day to day to keep the chemistry that exists between us. I promise to keep your safe. I promise will die of pleasure every night with you in our bed. I promise not to force you to do anything. I promise to make love to you, see the stars together, hug you and kiss you and love you as my new religion.

9. ___________ promises, every time you will be sick, I will take care of you, and I will hug you very strong. I will do anything for getting you better. I promise to cook for you. I promise to be your soul mate even in the worst moments of our life.
10. ___________ promises you will be my big treasure. You are the thing most precious in my life. I promise to love you and respect you every day of my whole life.

I promise all of this, I promise you all this and more, that cannot be expressed through words, but of facts. I promise you my life and every one of my thoughts. What do you promise me? Promise me to be mine and don’t leave me, nothing more.



Day: ___________________
Signature: _______________



Would do you think? Do you dare to do this promises to your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Send this article to your guy. Maybe he agrees! Good luck, and remember: Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.

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