10 Expert Tricks to Be Relaxed Before your Wedding

Yes, we all know that prepare a wedding is very important. And when is you who get married is even more important and stressful. You enter to church as a single and go out as married with 983488 responsibilities. Oh, in addition to 2738 stuff to attend to at the same time. The day of your wedding is the best day of your life.

In TWG, we are going to give you all the tricks to don’t miss anything.
Many of us we enter in a loop of stress days before our wedding, and many of us even weeks, there is no one that can relax us, and even our future husband.

That’s why we want to give you advice; then you can relax and take the situation as best as possible, enjoying every moment the days leading up to these days so special.

We’ll give you tips to survive to your wedding, tips counted by the already married women, who were in your place.

Sarah Mattek, Lorraine Garcia-Mart, Martha Peters, Irina Levski, Manuela Pedrera, and Carla Martinez. They will tell you the most important tips to consider to enjoy the most beautiful day in your life without having a heart attack.


1. Forget about the wedding and relax

We know how stressful is prepare everything, since wedding dress, flowers to church, musicians, look for a nice place to celebrate the wedding. Every one of your familiars, friends want to collaborate. They all want to help, or to ask about small details each hour.
So take time for yourself, time to spend a good time with family, friends, and people that matter to you, spend time with them but without talking about the wedding. You can ask them to don’t talk about the wedding during few hours, and you can relax.