Most Terrifying Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home

CARRIE (2013) Chloe Moretz

What? Halloween is coming, and you didn’t prepare any costume? Well, no problem, even with few days even few hours before you can prepare this super original Halloween costumes. We know you are a super busy woman, for this reason, we want to give you all facilities on your hand.

Halloween is a compendium of characterizations where the thing that most stand out is the originality of the same and be designed to succeed on Saturday night.

However, we are aware that some of these costumes are not what could be considered easy to “build” in a night, or get them with so little margin of time, with a few exceptions.

For this reason, and for the closeness of the night of the dead, we launch a list with the best ideas and costumes to homemade Halloween 2015.

Nothing of complex make-up or very difficult acquisition suits. Today we’re just going to talk about costumes that can be ready in a few minutes and provide a look according to what was present in the majority of Halloween parties.

1. Carrie

One of the parties more tragic, spectacular and memorable of the seventh art has as its protagonist Carrietta N. White, Carrie for friends.

Sure almost all of you who have come here know the story of the poor girl so that it is easy to guess because it is one of the best costumes homemade on last minute Halloween.

What do you need?

A dress that you would not mind destroying with stains, a couple of liters of false blood (water, flour, red dye, and a special touch of liquid caramel to provide consistency). Also, a tiara that you can find in any bazaar items, for 1$ or in any stay at The Royal Palace.
After the party, a good shower, yes. But you are completely perfect. Let’s try?