How to Answer The 31 Most Common Interview Questions

What happens if we bring all the Human Resources from all the biggest companies? They tell you the biggest advice to get a successful interview.
At TWG, we have gathered the best representatives of each company to tell us one by one all the details in which they are set and determine if you’re willing to do this or not.

All the parts that take into account, and the attitudes that you are appreciated. They also say the big mistakes that you shouldn’t do.

The professionals say you should invest at least 8 hours to develop a good resume, but, why not spend time on the development and preparation of your job interview?

The personal interview face-to-face with the representative of the company may be a point in favor, only you must know how to play it.
The preparation of the interview carries a great psychological exercise behind it, and in TWG we have decided to help you prepare as if for a final exam of your career.

We have the best psychologists and the best representatives of the human resources department. Are you prepared? We begin in 3, 2, 1.


Question 1: Tell me about you

Well, it is often one of the main questions that all the RH usually ask first, you have to go prepared with the answer. Start to speak about your professional career, speaks about your CV, your work experience. Never talk about your personal life.

Question 2: Why do you want to work in our company?

You have to know why you attracted that company and proved it to them.
Speak about the quality of their work, their qualities, their long professional career, and your passion for learning from the best. Comment about the advantage in technology, in apprenticeships, in new visions. You are very interested in their philosophy and tell them what they want to hear.

Question 3: Tell me your qualities

Be honest, and humble, they appreciate the sincerity, it is one thing to highlight, and another very different is lying, so we already know. Talk about your qualities in the work, say to them about your strengths in keeping with the points required for this job. Use positive adjectives.