Easy Steps to Follow to Become Successful as Bill Gates

Success not always accompanied with a university degree. Do you know it? For study in university doesn’t mean to be the best, and don’t study in cool university doesn’t mean to be worst. A lot of cases of success among rich entrepreneurs who did not even have a college degree. Incredible minds like Bill Gates but they had other skills that helped them in a decisive way to achieve success.

In fact, there is a debate about if the entrepreneurs are “made” during any stage of your life, or, on the contrary, they “born” being a genius. As well, that is to say, they have innate qualities formed during childhood and youth that help vitally to build as an entrepreneur.

If we look at the trajectory of several entrepreneurs, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. We can observe that even they were born in different ages they present common features in the infancy of each one.: not having finished their studies, to focus on the technologies, to start from scratch or to dedicate themselves to the common good.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and philanthropist par excellence, is perhaps the best example of icon that holds those qualities that define the people who have achieved success:

1. Strive to learn, not by studying

Why many of these entrepreneurs stops or never start their college career? Because they do not believe that they can take advantage of that time. Bill Gates began his Law studies in 1975 at the prestigious Harvard University but dropped out two years later to focus on their creation, together with her partner Steve Ballmer. However, it was decided to select those tasks and subjects with greater difficulty, as a computer scientist. Very primitive in his time and that was the key that led him to the top.

That will indicate to us that we need to focus on what you can get utility.

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