An Open Letter To You: Will Tell You Meaning of Life

Open letter to all dreamers with broken dreams:

All dreams for few years ago, today they are real. No one trusted me, and I got it. Do you want to know how I got it? Keep reading.

I was born in the third largest city in Spain, with a big and long future as a designer, and a life full of lost loves. Lovers will come, or who knows if my love has already arrived. I will tell you the meaning of life, that changed my life. Here begins my story.

At school, I wasn’t doing well. Teachers always called the attention of my parents as I was always on the vine, trapping flies with the look and newly arrived from another dimension.

In high school, I was called the “nun’s beautiful.” YES, a nun. Do you know why? Because I hadn’t slept with any guy, like all my friends, I am, and I was different to all of them. I didn’t want to get a cigarette in the mouth, what stupidity, smoking to catch on to older guys.

My first kiss, well (my first violation in the sentimental world) When I was 15 years old. I still had not kissed any boy, which caused laughter among my friends and all the high school. That’s why they tried to make jokes with me. One afternoon I was strolling through the city, my friend’s cousin that he was 25 years appeared out of nowhere while we were eating sunflower seeds on the park bench. This horrible guy grabbed me by the hand, led me to a corner of the park and told me to go for a walk, silly me. I went for a walk with the giggles of my friends, and, finally, whether, stood up, kissed me. I stick my tongue with this tongue full of piercings it was the moment most horrible of my life. That horror, a romantic inveterate to which removed the first kiss of their history

People always say that the life stages that start bad finish quite good, isn’t? Yes, that was.

I hated all of my friends, this horrible guy with tattoos it’s already 20 years without seeing him. Anyway, If I see him, I will kick his balls.

Well, doesn’t matter.

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