8 Awesome Things to Do This Fall

The summer is finished. Until recently, there were the typical stragglers that caught the vacation in September, but now we are all at work or university. Ended the good: mojitos on the beach, the tanning, the swimming pools and the beach clubs are left behind. We will have to wait at least over 40 weeks to get back to our lovely summer. Despite the fact that the ‘winter is coming’, we can still do funny things before the cold doesn’t let us leave the house. Here’s a list with some of the activities that you are still in time to make…


1. Paintball

For our syndrome post-holidays to get rid of the stress of back to work, there is nothing better than an adrenaline rush with bullets of paint. If you receive, one is tremendously painful, but the personal satisfaction and the morbidity that produces the fact of giving to someone are more pleasurable and rewarding. So, you know, tell your colleagues, your partner and familiars to organise a big battle of Call of Duty. Let’s fight!
You will enjoy a lot, and you will forget about your summer holidays already finished!

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