7 Types Of People You See In A Nightclub

After the book has published the photographer Richard Young, we start to think about how cool could create one article describing each one of the persons that we meet in one Saturday night!
Richard Young published photos about people partying. More exactly about celebrities partying. Photos that you think “oh my god” “What strange photos and stories ridiculous-hideous-interesting”
TGW team proposed partying by some large cities such as London, Barcelona, Paris, New York, Moscow, and Tokyo.

We have been in 6 different countries to create a psychological profile of partying people around the world. Fortunately or unfortunately, we have concluded a comprehensive analysis of the nightlife. Do you know which conclusion we arrived? In each country around the world happens similar situations even almost identical. Here our study:

There are seven types of people. Which one are you?

1. Those who are partying only for meet people

This kind of person lives a complicated situation whit his life “Have a boring life”. Don’t have nothing to do, and anywhere to go, pretty monotonous life. He/She is just focused on finding a person with which to spend the night and make the next morning more entertaining.

How to recognize them? They sit in the pub looking intently at people, waiting for some exchange of glances where will start the first contact. Now, you should wait to this handsome guy will come close to you, but on the way going close to you, he will still looking other girls. Hunting prey, though.

They are young, they are handsome and want to enjoy the night. Let’s be honest, when we are single, and we are on holiday, 70% of people want to make new friends! Right?
You will never be as young as those nights.