15 Things To Do in Your 20s That Make Your 30s Fabulous

How to be perfect in your 30? When thirties decade arrives, many of us enter in depression. They are sad, downs because they look older and less young as they were over a decade of the 20’s. Oh, The delicious 20!
These years when you do crazy things, you don’t care about nothing, and you say excuses that you are young and want to live your life.
For many women, the decade of the 30 means a big change. It is the stage of weddings, of babies, of stable jobs, buy a house, serious relationships with your partner.

Well, in TWG, we cannot avoid those times, because they are the life of the day-to-day. At TWG, we do not follow cliché of having to get married at 30, and having babies at 30. Every woman is free to do what she wants. During their 23 or 43. We are modern women, free and independent

There is a time machine when you can keep up with the appearance of a 22 years old until you die. But If you have tricks that you do during your 20 you can make your 30 fabulous.

Are you ready to know them? Join us, and don’t miss out!

“What to do in the decade of the 20’s, to be perfect in the decade of the 30.”

Thirty is approaching, and there are still many things that you must learn. If you don’t want to waste time, take advantage to improve your life in the future.

1. Drink water is essential

You should drink a lot of water. We know from first-hand that you do not drink enough water. How much older we are, more problems approach, and the more it costs us to have water routine. Because we are fans of wine, beer, cocktails, and we don’t spend so much time per day remembering about how many liters you should drink per day.
Start drinking water as soon as possible and you’ll see the effects in your skin, your body, and in general, your organism.