12 Effective Ways To Avoid Stress in Holidays

We are always going up and down, always super busy and stressed. When we’re not running with rush with kids to school, which one are mothers, and those that aren’t mothers, they still have very busy life, finding time to meet all of friends, familiars and your partner.

These appointments in last minute, professional meetings, meetings between friends, and worst of all, family gatherings! Or when not, we are busy answering the calls from our mobile phones, answering messages, and uploading our pictures to social networks, Facebook, Instagram and this is not a good way to live.

Always busy, and with stress. Every hour, opening the mail of the company and talking with people, yes. Horrible stress!

You should say to the world that “this has finished,” you should take a few days of relaxing after weeks very stressed from work! Say to yourself STOP! If you have your business, or you work in some company I’m sure they will understand it; it only takes three days of relaxation. Girl, “Complete relaxation”, nothing to respond to calls and go all garbled to all parties. Your bosses sure don’t mind that you catch a Friday and even on Thursday and Friday free to do more longer your weekend. All of us we deserve it, no matter what location you choose, but what you do, the “how” will be disconnected from the world.

Here, in The Woman Galaxy we will support you to the fullest in the keys to unplug from the world, and come back as new to your day-to-day. Every woman needs relaxation and time alone to meditate.

The 12 effective ways to avoid stress in holidays! Ready! Ready! 3, 2, 1, 0

1. Rest your body

Well, this tip is the easiest to get off all, additionally it is the most practical and which will have effect immediately you start to practice it.

Rest your body we are referring to rest is that you should sleep! Sleep at least 8 hours per day, during your vacation or “days off”, sleep until your body wakes up without an alarm. You should do physical activity, we do not say that you should go running every morning and go to the gym mid-afternoon (If you want is perfect). We mean going out to walk, take the stairs instead of take the elevator, leave the sedentary life for something more healthy. Yeah, if you practice sport is great, but, with moving your body, is already working! The following advice, it’s you should be in control of what you eat, don’t overdo meals, because then come to the indigestions and problems, eat well, and healthy! Don’t forget your five meals per day. Oh, and take care of your body, If you are in summer, don’t forget the sunscreen and your hat. Be careful with the sun!

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