10 Success Steps to Improving Social Skills

In TWG, we know very well how difficult it is to make contacts. Are you an introverted person? Are you a shy person, right? Well, no worries, that is finished from today! We have teamed up with specialists in interpersonal relationships to help you build a large network of interpersonal relationships. These interpersonal relationships will help your day-to-day to grow and above all, make sure a good future.

Why should you expand your interpersonal skills? The bigger network of relationships, the greater will be the possibility of getting everything that you want in your life.
So, therefore, the more people you know, your circle will be greater in influence, you will accumulate contacts and favors in the future help, and you can pull off a good predicament.

Would you like to improve and extend the network of contacts, also without any limits? In TGW, we give it, points out these 10 Success steps to improving social skills to become the best. The psychologist Marissa Peterson, director of the Interpersonal Relationships Institute of Dallas, explained it to us.

Here, 10 success steps to improving social skills

1. Get in touch with old friends

First of all, you must get in touch with old friendships that have been forgotten over the years, either by the passage of time or the distance between countries, and cities. So look for social networks like Facebook, your previous classmates from college, school, institute, ex-coworkers, old classmates, people from languages courses, classmates from dance class or basketball. You should look between all of them. It’s always nice to resume contact with all of them. Maybe you can meet for dinner or to take some coffee, that can be a pleasant experience and you can open the door to improving your life with activities.