The 7 Biggest Fitness Myths You Need to Know

Look your best and lead a healthy life is one of the objectives of a good part of the population. However, practice sports, something basic to achieve the purpose of staying in shape, is surrounded by wrong beliefs. Do you know which are they?

Erroneous beliefs characterize any area of life. These ideas usually arise by the disinformation with those who prefer to adopt suggestions without think about it; or by the need to believe in ideas that make us more benevolent, even when they are unreliable.

Such is the case, for example, the “diets miracles” that flood the Internet today. Who has not read about the dangerous nature of many of them? However, before the arduous task of losing weight, it is easier to believe that a regime will take away those extra pounds without much effort before to see the risks that lie.

With physical exercise happens the same. There are certain myths that surround the practice of sports at the margin of the credibility that has given him the popular mythology, are characterized by their lack of concordance with the reality.

The professional Promotion Service of the Health of one of the companies private medical most important of The United States, make us clear the most extended myths.

1. Stretching before exercise increases performance

The practice of smooth routines and maintained to prepare the muscles and joints with a greater effort later, or what is colloquially called “stretching.” It’s related to a decrease in the chance of having an incident while performing the exercise, among other benefits. It will not affect the performance of the athlete.