How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting

If being in a gym for hours is not your thing, or if you’re the best friend of the gym, but the clock and time play against you, the key is to tricks the time and take advantage of truth. The first step: taking a minute to read this article. A step-by-step program and lose weight in 15 min. Ready?


Your purpose of the year was clear: “This year, yes I will do exercise”.”This year, I will lose weight”. You want, and you even try, but you can’t: the time seems to fade with the hands of the clock, and, again, you’re lying prostrate in front of a desk, tidying up the house or studying for partials.


The desire, the motivation, or at least, the purpose is what you have. It’s time to begin and get time. Do you think that you can not? 24 hours during whole the day, you only need know how to achieve your goals, I assure you. The nutritionist Selene Yager proposes to us some of your fool-tricks to get time where it’s not. TWG helps you to lose weight without any magical diet. Are you ready?


1. Plan your day

We know how strict and judicious is your daily schedule. But at least three times per week, including weekends you should follow your plans.

We don’t say to you- “Don’t have fun and don’t join to any last minute plan after work or university.” You only should program your day with the most productive hours (it is usually the morning up to 12 noon) and perform the heaviest work during this period. So, in the afternoon and the evening you are less loaded with responsibilities or you can do the tasks that can be finished faster. What result? Oh, free time! Take the opportunity to walk, jump, run, go to gym climbing and down stairs, drink water or take the bike. Believe it: 15 minutes of any of these activities will help you control your weight, and even reduce it.