Health Benefits: Coffee or Tea

Coffee Addict or Tea Lover? 

Confesses, Yes, You! Confess! Confess how much you love coffee! Confesses to us that you could kill someone only to get your morning coffee. You love to drink coffee after meals, drink coffee with sweets, and even you can drink coffee all day long.

Drink coffee in many countries it is a daily routine that puts in danger our body. In countries such as Spain, Italy or Portugal the coffee it has been becoming a mere tradition established by their inhabitants. Spaniards and Italians love coffee due to its high exhilarating power, and it’s a bitter taste that it has today. It’s impossible not to take at least two times per day, but, Do you know that not all the components of coffee are beneficial for your health?

Are you ready? Here, We bring to you everything you need to know about Health Benefits! Coffee or Tea? You choose!

What coffee contains?

The coffee contains caffeine that causes great disturbance of the nervous system and can damage our digestive system. But, however, there is a stimulating drink and essential for lovers of the herbs and the aromas, The tea! Tea’s Revolution will change the world and the minds of many fans of the tea.


Hi Coffee addicts-” Will you drink coffee after read this ?”

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