8 Prohibited Foods You Should Stop Eating

The Woman Galaxy is going to open the secret most forbidden of all the history! The foods we should avoid and completely strict. These foods are important keys that you should remove from your diet. If you are in diet or if you don’t follow any diet will not help to your body in any case. We will help you.

We are going to explain to you why to avoid them, and we will give you an understanding of why it is better to claim them. It’s not only for maintain you fit body but also to maintain your health.

Girls, get ready, here are the 8 prohibited foods! Try during few weeks delete them and you will see a great result, then imagine how will be your life without them. Just perfect! Good luck!


1. Alcoholic Drinks

Say goodbye to all alcoholic drinks! Throughout all history, there is any Doctor or expert in nutrition who advice you to drink alcohol. The alcohol does not have anything good to our body. The 85% of us consume at least once a week, and not only destroys our body, also destroys our liver. We know very well that the cocktails are delicious and very exquisite. Cocktails have a lot of calories depending on the kind of alcoholic drink, but your liver does not detect the fat they detect it and start to accumulate in us. It’s harmful because our organism detects alcohol as a toxin you need to remove it. Liver starts to work hard, and this is why those who drink alcohol have serious problems and some even up to death. Be very careful and if you drink, do it once a month in special events.