8 Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate Every Day

It is true that consume in excess can lead to overweight. But in the exact amounts, not only give us physical comfort, but also emotional.
Much has been said about its benefits, but also as tends to happen with good things, it is inevitable that you will associate with aspects less positive. They are, however, many hours of study that many scientists have dedicated to discovering the true identity of their components with positive responses.

Here, Questions – Answers. The 8 heath benefits of eating chocolate every day.

1. Can you be addicted to chocolate?

Contrary to what many think, is not addictive. Chocolate contains stimulants substances. However, these are removed well before they can reach the central nervous system. Also, it has very little amount of caffeine. The chocoholic” or “addicted to chocolate” simply enjoy the feeling of eating it or taking it from the sensory point of view. Joséphine is a Belgian brand created by three entrepreneurs who wanted to enter to the US to bring to the market a chocolate of exceptional quality with flavors as varied as chocolate milk original, chocolate with caramel, with cinnamon biscuits and crispy, and also dark. European chocolate is exceptional.