5 Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Those very long nights without to be able to sleep, standing up going to toilet, going to the kitchen, going to drink water, even standing up to close and open windows.You spend the night in wakefulness, and not because you want to, but because you suffer from insomnia.
You have a sleeping problem, and you don’t know what to do. Maybe waking up to go to watch tv, see a movie, or go out for a walk at 3 am, go to walk with your dog. Yes, if this thing happens to your during more than three days you have a big problem, and TWG is going to give you the solution.

“This problem is called insomnia. In TWG is going to propose you natural remedies to combat insomnia and to be able to sleep all night long like a baby”

Very important: Before trying these remedies, consult your doctor, as insomnia can be chronic and can come from major diseases such as diabetes, depression, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of lungs, among many others. Before auto diagnosticate your problem, you should go to do various tests, which can be serious, if only ” bad sleep” during few days you should follow our super tips. They are 100% natural.

Five natural remedies for insomnia:

1. Drink kava infusion

Many of you don’t know what kava is. Kava is a popular herb that our ancestors used to help with anxiety, nerves, and insomnia. Be careful with this grass that at first glance seems to be harmless. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States, warning to consumers of this natural herb that can bring more of a problem. Problems can appear on your body and liver if you consume food with high potential of kava, so controlling. An infusion at night helps us. But in other case, eating foods with kava on a daily basis, hurts us.