10 Ways To Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

Christmas is here!

For many people, it is unthinkable not to gain weight during the Christmas holidays. However, with a little determination, it is possible to hold the line on these dates. You just need to follow these super to 10 tips to help you avoid the excesses.

Christmas is already here! Ho ho ho. It’s coming very soon the familiar reunions and meetings with the loved ones, the joy of Christmas nights, the celebrations until the early hours, the gifts and, of course, the food. Huge amounts of tempting delicacies are loaded with calories that pile up to any celebration that you attend.

But, even though it appears to be a chimera not to gain weight during the holidays and control the excesses, it is possible to enjoy dates without giving up any culinary delight, but not so much that the body to pay the consequences or the health fails.

To do this, you just need to follow some small guidelines and the determination to go for a different Christmas.


Are you ready?  ➡

1. Do sport every day

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Bath in the Uk, and recently published in the Journal of Physiology, a daily routine of exercise, even of short duration, helps to reduce the negative effects of a diet that is disproportionate. On the one hand, prevents excessive weight gain in a span of very short time, and on the other, it attenuates the feeling of guilt that is generated when you commit excesses with food, and nothing is done to counteract this opulence in the consumption of food.

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