10 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a millennial discipline based in precepts on the harmonious union between the body, mind and spirit. Health benefits of yoga make it one of the practices most closely followed around the world. We will explain to you which all yoga benefits, and why everyone is a big fan of yoga!

Once you start to entraining, you will feel much better.

“Yoga truly is as healthy as breast milk”. This quote corresponds to Swami Gitananda, one of the parents of this physical and mental discipline originating in India, for whom the benefits of yoga are fundamental to achieve a full life, in harmony and healthy.

Dr. Timothy McCall in his book – Yoga & Medicine: the prescription of yoga for health, sets out the main benefits of this technique after years of study that part of the union between the mind, body and spirit.

Here, 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga:


1. Helps you to lose weight

Regularly practice yoga helps to burn calories. Your spiritual and emotional side stimulates to a healthy diet. Yoga promotes you will be more conscious of your eating habits.