Why Products with Vitamin C are The Best


I’m sure you are wondering “How Vitamin C affects to our skin?” Few years ago started a remarkable revolution that brought to market cosmetics with vitamin C.

In The Woman Galaxy, We will tell you why this revolution? Why We always see this product everywhere? Why everyone are crazy about vitamin C? Our aesthetic specialists will tell you about every one of your questions.

We have questions from our readers and answers by our Doctor. Sara Hollow answers your questions.

You ask – We answer

 1. Which are Vitamin C benefits in cosmetics?

Vitamin C has thousand of capabilities that help our skin. Vitamin C has a big objective to decrease and delay the oxidative stress. We miss their benefits since they counter the harmful effects of free radicals. In addition to that it is not wise that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and also eliminates some of the activities of enzymes involved in the degradation of collagen. And what is more, important for women who care about their stage of maturity and they are worried about getting old very fast, vitamin C is perfect for them, as the battle against ageing.