Beauty Tricks Using Salt (Surprising)

Do you know that the grain of salt is wonderful? Salt is cheap and can be found in any place, Sites from herbalist shops or even in the supermarket. A package of salt does not cost not more than $2 and can do wonders with your body and your skin.

For many years, the professionals have been using the salt as a component in beauty products, but where were we? We don’t know why they keep it hidden for centuries.

What would happen if we found all the secrets of how to be beautiful? All the beauty tips? This is happening, in TWG all of our specialists give tricks first-hand for you.


1. How to remove blackheads with salt

The black dots are the nightmares of many of us, every time we see black dots on our skin we become crazy.But do you know why appears these black dots? Blackheads appear due to the abundance of grease and dirt in the skin, usually go out through the nose and visible parts. They are horrible and the people we usually look surprised.

Well, I’m sure that you want to finish them, and We are going to help you. Here we leave you the super tips.

Let to shines your face but no thanks to the brightness of the grease! Get your face flawless, there are several treatments that the basic product is the salt, green clay, salt, and lemon, masks of salt.

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