6 Easy Ways to Get a Perfect Tan

Yes, girls, the summer holidays has come! They are already here! Do you hear summer songs playing on the radio?

We have holidays in our office, or maybe you still working but wishing every day to get free hours. Take free hours to go to take the sunbath at the beach or swimming pool, and show everyone your new outfit of the new season summer. We are eager to teach our outfit and our perfect tan.

Guys, we’re very cool with those short dresses with perfect high heels, our hair in the wind like waves of summer, but we’re missing something important to get to be perfect. Yes, your tan!

“The top number 1 of the summer is to show off a perfect skin with a luxury tanned.”

We know that it is hard to make the “mission gold” and that’s why we’re going to give the advice to do it. Also, our galaxy tips, are prepared for the sun doesn’t hurt our skin, and not leave us like a big tomato!

Are you ready?

1. Use an effective protector

As we always advise, you have to put protection, it’s very important. The protection is going to prevent our skin from becoming flushed, and peel over time. Don’t you want that happen to you, right?

You should put protector before leave your house because the cream has to be absorbed to take effect on the skin. If you put it on the beach, you’re going to return a ball of sand, and will not be the cream absorbed into your skin.

Don’t forget to put a large amount of cream on the areas of your body where the sun beats harder: on the shoulders, and the face, especially cheeks, and nose!