4 Secrets Your Hairstylist Won’t Tell You

TWG found out all secrets from Hollywood hairstylists. We will tell you this 4 secrets your hairstylist won’t tell you. Are you ready?

Do you think that to have a perfect hair you must spend hours and hours in front of the mirror, right? Do you think that the hair of our celebrities is comb for hours by the specialists, right? Do you think it has at least five people washing hair, putting another treatment, another touching and drying, and they have wonderful products that make them perfect?

Well, it is probably true, but not all, since there is a revolution in a matter of home tips. The specialists of The United States have revealed to every one of the secrets to having a perfect hair.

Yes, can you imagine Rihanna in her house by following these treatments, or Do you imagine Sarah Jessica Parker reading these tips through the Internet? For your surprise, I have to tell you that this is happening.

Here in The Woman Galaxy we give you super tips to get a perfect hair in each of the circumstances of the day, the event, or of appointment.

1. How to get a perfect wavy hair

Well, to begin, we will give you the big secret and trick of the century. Are you ready? Let’s go! “In many Hollywood events or in movies women look exceptional with a wavy hair thanks to the rain!”

Yes, many hairstylists of Hollywood used the rain and the waterfall from the sky for an effect in real waves. Several actresses have gone to important events using this technique, sometimes even simulating rain. The rain is perfect to get an incredible hair, if you’re going to the supermarket and looming storm, don’t worry, enjoy the rain. If tomorrow you go for jogging and it starts to rain, do not worry, let show your mane and enjoy the rain. Then, when you get home, you put the head down, with your hair falling and use a spray of curls from the middle to the tips. Go to the mirror, and with your head straightened out and do it with to your hands. Is divine! We have already tested.

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