How to Choose the Best Summer Shoes (12 Awesome Tips told by Fashion Designers)

In TWG, we are provided with fashionable specialists of new tendencies, with them in the control of this article we are going to tell you all the tips. How to choose your summer shoes!

Summer is the sensual and cool stage of the whole year. Three heat months that turn into the whole hell if you are not well equipped. That’s why our specialist in fashion Martina Clars is going to tell you each of the things that you should have on mind before buying shoes. Martina Clars  is a Fashion designer professor, specialized in new tendencies in shoes, in Barcelona School Design, Spain.

Martina gives us the keys to wear nice shoes this summer.


Take pen and write these super tips:


1. Don’t hide…

Don’t hide your trainers or your booties in the closet, since they will keep on taking themselves this spring, summer, and autumn. The Roman sandals, the shoes of heel with a wedge, and a perfect French manicure are the keys to spending perfect holidays.